IAW045 and IAW048 ECU’s

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Webber/Marelli’s IAW045 and IAW048 ECU connector wiring

1 - Ground
2 - O2 sensor (IAW048 cat model)
3 - Crankshaft RPM sensor (-)
4 - Crankshaft RPM sensor (+)
5 - Camshaft Phase sensor (-)
6 - Knock sensor (IAW048) (-)
7 - Cannister (IAW048)
8 - Diagnostic
9 - n.c.
10 - Main relay (-)
11 - Gnd ref. sensors (-)
12 - ECU warning light (-)
13 - Service Connector (-)
14 - Service Connector (-)
15 - MAP sensor signal (0-5v)
16 - Wastegate control solenoid (-)
17 - Throttle position sensor (0-5v)
18 - Injector 4 (-)
19 - Engine ground
20 - 12V (main relay)
21 - Air conditioner signal
22 - Knock sensor (IAW048) (+)
23 - Camshaft Phase sensor (+)
24 - Ignition module (amplifier) out (-)
25 - Ignition module (amplifier) out (+)
26 - n.c.
27 - Diagnostic
28 - Fuel pump relay (-)
29 - Water temperature sensor (0-5v)
30 - 5v sensors (+)
31 - Intake air temperature sensor (0-5v)
32 - Injector 2 (-)
33 - Injector 3 (-)
34 - Idle valve solenoid (-)
35 - Injector 1 (-)

Error codes for IAW045.01 (L1), IAW045.06 (L6), IAW048.01 (L8 green) and IAW048.02 (L8 red)

L1 and L6:
1+1 - Crankshaft RPM / TDC sensor
1+2 - Distributor phase sensor
1+3 - RPM / Distributor phase sequence
2+1 - Inlet air temperature sensor shorted
2+2 - Air temperature sensor open
2+3 - Water (coolant) temperature sensor shorted
3+1 - Water temperature sensor open
3+2 - Manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor shorted
3+3 - Manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor open
1+1 - Crankshaft RPM / TDC sensor
1+2 - Distributor phase sensor
1+3 - Ignition timing signal (ECU internal)
2+1 - Inlet air temperature sensor
2+2 - Knock sensor
2+3 - Water (coolant) temperature sensor
3+1 - Heated O2 sensor (lambda)
3+2 - MAP sensor
3+3 - Throttle position sensor

Crankshaft and Camshaft (distributor) Sensor sequence IAW045 ( L1 and L6 ) and IAW048 ( L8 and P8 )

Degrees are in relation to the crankshaft and 720deg. is the same as 0 deg.

Major electronic components

CPU (L1, L6 and L8)
The MC6803U4 is an 8-bit single-chip microcomputer unit (MCU) which enhances the capabilities of the MC6801. It includes an MC6801 microprocessor unit (MPU) with direct object-code compatibility and upward object-code compatibility with the MC6800. Execution times of key instructions have been improved over the MC6800 and the new instructions found on the MC6801 are included. The MCU can function  as a monolithic microcomputer or be expanded to a 64k byte address space. It is TTL compatible and requires one 5volt power supply. On-chip resources include 4096 bytes of rom, 192 bytes of RAM(with 32byte of RAM retainable during power down), a serial communications interface (SCI), parallel I/O,and  a 16-bit six-function programmable timer (with three output compare functions, two input capture functions and counter alternate address). It can be considered a MC6801U4 operating in modes 2 or 3; i.e., those that do not use internal ROM. On these ECU’s the MCU operates in mode 2.
MC14442 (not L1)
The MC14442 is peripheral integrated circuit designed to interface a microprocessor for analog data acquisition. The device is a complete peripheral data acquisition systems on a single chip and can convert analog signals to digital data from up to 11 external analog terminals. Operates from a single 5-V supply and contains a 12-channel analog multiplexer, and 8-bit ratiometric analog-to-digital (A/D) converter, a sample-and-hold circuit, three 16-bit registers, and microprocessor-compatible control circuitry. Additional features include a built-in self-test, six multipurpose (analog or digital) inputs, five external analog inputs, and an 8-pin input/output (I/O) data port. The three on-chip data registers store the control data, the conversion results, and the input digital data that can be accessed via the microprocessor data bus in two bytes.
ADC0809 (L1 only)
The ADC0809 data acquisition component is a monolithic CMOS device with an 8-bit analog-to-digital converter, 8-channel multiplexer and microprocessor compatible control logic. The 8-bit A/D converter uses successive approximation as the conversion technique. The converter features a high impedance chopper stabilized comparator, a 256R voltage divider with analog switch tree and a successive approximation register. The 8-channel multiplexer can directly access any of 8-single-ended analog signals.
Timer MC6840
The MC6840 is a programmable subsystem component of the M6800 Family designed to provide variable system time intervals. The MC6840 has three 16-bit binary counters, three corresponding control registers, and a status register. These counters are under software control and may be used to cause system interrupts and/or generate output signals. It maybe utilized for such tasks as frequency measurements, event counting, interval measuring, and similar tasks. The device may be used for square wave generation, gated delay signals, single pulses of controlled duration, and pulse width modulation as well as system interrupts.

Water Injection

Intercooler Spray System (ISS) on the Ford Escort Cosworth. The ECU, either L8 or P8, will require a reprogrammed EPROM to activate the water injection system.

Standard EPROM binary images

IAW045.01 * IAW045.06 * IAW048.01 * IAW048.P8

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